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.:[Pokimono] Toma n Cinder:. by BatNats

Natsu decided to do this amazing deviation of my little Cinder and his Eevee Tomo for Pokimono!

OwO I like it a lot so I'm spreading the love!


Sketch $6.00 - single sketch
Sadness by dcrisisbeta Commission-Timothy Calvin Tolbain sketch by dcrisisbeta

Color Sketch $8.00 - Single Sketch
Commission: Stolen kiss by dcrisisbeta Erick y Andy - Jugando by dcrisisbeta

Lineart $13.00 - Single Character (+$5.00 for extra characters)
Max the computer dr by dcrisisbeta Commission - Bubbles by dcrisisbeta

Pure Color $19.00- Single Character (+$7 for extra characters)
Twins! by dcrisisbeta The light and the dark by dcrisisbeta

Lineart - Color $22.00 - Single Character (+$8.00 for extra characters)
Bonus - Nenja Caught! by dcrisisbeta Level up! by dcrisisbeta
Lineart $26.00 Character and Background (+$9.00 for extra characters)
Clasroom Pic by dcrisisbeta Invierno - Winter by dcrisisbeta

Pure Color $29.00 Character + Background (+$9.00 for extra characters)
Comission-Noriyasu underwater by dcrisisbeta Humility by dcrisisbeta

Lineart - Color $32.00 Character (normal / chibi + Background (+$10.00 for extra characters)
Not a Monster by dcrisisbeta Ghost Stories by dcrisisbeta

Comic commissions: 3 panel strip

Sketch $17.00
+ $5.00 extra frame
Cinder meets Ishum page 1 by dcrisisbeta

Color sketch $20.00 + $5.00 extra frame
Oskar's Day p-7 and 8 by dcrisisbeta

Lineart $22.00 + $7.00 extra frame
Younger Days - September 30th by dcrisisbeta

Color-Lineart $26.00 + $8 extra frame
Comission- Timothy and Max by dcrisisbeta


NO Babied (AB/DL stuff), this includes

-Baby bottles, bibs or pacifiers. I don't know how to or like to draw these, so sorry beforehand.
-Water filled diapers. even if its "just water", this I won't do, Sorry.

No Bodily fluids (any fluid you think, that's a no go... tears are ok if the kid is crying or sad and sweat if exersicing sex doesn't count as excersice ò^Ó )

No R-18 STUFF (Sex or "sexy posing" or any genitalia focus, erections, etc will be denied on the spot, insist and you get blocked.)

NO GORE (I find it gross so nope. I don't want to see any of my kids mutilated or anything like that, thank you)

No Bullying. (I count Humiliation, Forced cross dressing or slavery into this category, it saddens me, it makes me angry and it hurts me, I do happy things to avoid thinking this things exist out there so don't ask me to do them.)

No specific racial features. Other than the color of the skin, asking me to add specific racial features or a text in another language is not possible for me. Mainly because I don't know how to do them and odds are that if I make a mistake people will get angry about it.

-FURRIES (been pracicing a few of them, including My OC)

-I don't mind doing nude pics, but with the proper DA warnings AND censorship.

Additionally, if you add comments that I consider inappropriate to the requested commission depicting nudes I will cancel the commission immediately (understanding inappropriate as anything sexual oriented in comments depicting children)


Changing a lineart or basic sketch to color version has a $2.00 fee additional to the set price difference.

I reserve the right to DENY a commission at anytime during negotiations.

WARNING! Adding a certain amount of detail to the commission (like printed shirts, over complicated backgrounds, a lot of jewelry, detailed photos in background, machinery, etc) in one picture, will increase the price according to the amount of detail needed.

Remember some things are really hard to add up in the end and its time I might need for the strips or other commissions.

If you want to commission me please send me a note. I reserve my judgement according to the "I don't do" list above.

Have a nice day ^w^


1.:iconfriendlyinberezino: (paid)
Commission - Lineart-color + bg (coloring stage 2)

Comic-Color sketch (waiting for aprooval)
Comic-Color Lineart (Waiting for aprooval)
Comic-Color Lineart (set, sketching)
Comic-Color Lineart (set, sketching)
Commission - Color Lineart (Set, sketching)

-Commission - Comic strip B/W (set, sketching)
-Commission - Comic strip B/W (brainstorming, awaiting payment)

(awaiting payment)

Commission - Color sketch

-Comic commission - Color lineart (Set, awaiting payment)
-Comic commission - Color lineart (Set, awaiting payment)
-Comic commission - Color lineart (Set, awaiting payment)

6. :iconludux:
-Commission - Lineart-color (set 7 stages, awaiting payment)

7. :iconzorrogirl18:
-Commission - lineart-color ( set, awaiting payment)

Commission - Pure color + BG (set, awaiting payment)

-Commission - Sketch (brainstorming, awaiting payment)

10. :iconbigredpharaoh:
-Commission - Sketch (Awaiting payment)

If you commissioned me send me a note so we can confirm it.

I don't take requests
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TAGGED TIMES THREE?! :iconpoutplz:

Wellp, this is a new journal (especially since the last one is pre-december =W=;;;;)

I got tagged by
:iconbatnats: :iconrefield: and :iconbritneymorgan:
who want 8 facts about Lili, Jowy and Max respectively... so lets try this

My own rules are to keep "spoiler free" so maybe its trivia notes from the author (me) or already known facts that just needed a bonus explanation

I hope you don't mind >w<;

Let us begin you very curious people =3=

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters (odds are I can't XP)
4.) Post Their names along with their creators. (tricky)


1. Lili is actually very curious, she likes to learn how stuff works and likes to ask questions, even if innapropriate or embarrassing  sometimes

2. She and Sam have been friends for a while, but Lili met Max way later than meeting Sam

3. Lili is motherly, she cares about what happens to others around her, specially if health issues are to be considered, Alex and Max taking priority

4. She can panic very easily if Alex walks away from her while she's in charge... 

5. Lili is very positive, and tries to keep a positive vibe around so others can feel at ease

6. She's quick to notice things, And acts accordingly...

7. Being mischievous with Sam is her way to get her back for teasing Max sometimes... but she does enjoy some of Sam's pranks on Max, specially if cute photos result from those

8. If someone hurts someone she knows she will make you feel bad... physically and/or emotionally :iconloomplz:   (she is Sam's friend for a reason after all O7o


1. Jowy is a Straight A student, with excellent memory and book knowledge and logic on his side... yet he's extremely naive and active due to being 7 years old

2. Being Naive means that Jowy believes in motto's like "you can do stuff because you believe"... so he believes he will be able to see without glasses one day by pure belief... and crash a lot...

3. Jowy has bumped into more trash cans than you'd expect... he's also lucky enough to avoid hurting himself seriously with the trash

4. He enjoys the simple things, and likes to experience stuff before deciding if he likes or hates the stuff

5. Extremely scared of clowns.

6. His older sister is that much older that at home he can feel alone when she's busy, and he hates that feeling...

7. He has zero filters between thought and mouth, and moves on impulses sometimes.... most times.... ok, all the time

8. He had friends before meeting Max, but we have yet to meet them


1. Max is 9 years old, looks about six years old because of a slow growth development

2. Extremely shy around strangers, but if along friends or in a confortable spot he relaxes and is more open

3. Prone to depressive episodes due to past traumas, same traumas cause nightmares he can't control...

4. He feels extremely insecure about his abilities and usually tries to prove he can do anything a "big kid" can... but usually gets too self concious and fails

5. Bedwetting issues and nightmares force him to wear protection at night... he hates this fact

6. He can get easily lost in thought

7. He still believes in fairy tales, Santa, Easter Bunny, ghosts and monsters, and is very naive easily falling for lies... but he's also smart and uses logic fairly easily so he doesn't fall for everything

8. Has Black hair and violet colored eyes he's ashamed about...

And well... for tagging...
This is tricky for I don't feel an obligation nor am I curious ... I like to see characters develop...

So I won't do tags but I request that anyone with an OC they want to develop do this... not for the public but for yourselves... and then decide if you want to share


I'm trying to feel better... but lately I've had Extreme mood swings that have been affecting my production.
I'm working on it, taking my meds... doing stuff I had put on the side... and sketching new stuff to try and keep up...

O3O Expect fanart from certain series/games/movies/books...

Work is still not good for me... expecting me to like it just because they say it...

I have too much to do.. I don't want to skip.. I want to fill the gaps... but stress has consequences... and I'm also dealing with them (yes them, plural)

Have fun
I'll try to, I promise >w<


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Artist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: My bedroom...
Favourite style of art: 'that wich is finished and well done'
Personal Quote: "Its not the lenght of the life we live, but how fully we live it"

POLL TIME! Bill asked Max for a sleepover! 

250 deviants said Sleepover happens
16 deviants said sleepover doesn't happen




Younger Days character Bios

:icontrail-er: who is a friend of mine decided to create a set of character bios of my strip, Younger Days so I thought about making a little shout out for him so all the other watchers can check it out and tell him what you think about them!

Younger Days cast of characters-2-p1 by Trail-er Younger Days cast of characters-2-p2 by Trail-er

I really like this bios and felt like sharing them with all of you, check them out by clicking on them! they're awesome!


OwO for those who feel like theorizing about the strips (by when I return in full doing them), this is a very complete set of mysteries as described by :icontrail-er:... I think everyone should give it a read and see if you know more mysteries that are not included or maybe have answers to some?

Mysteries of 'Younger Days' ComicsOne of the themes of the “Younger Days” comics is that every person has secrets.  Some may be personal secrets or family secrets (with children they are pretty much the same), and some may be things you didn’t know just because they didn’t tell you.  Many readers bring up questions about mysteries in the strips and sometimes mysteries are revealed in the strips, sometimes by the author.  Some things are revealed to the readers and not to the characters; other things may be known by the characters and not the readers.  Some characters may know some “secret” while others may not.  
Much of this is possible because the strip is quite realistic, that is, there are consistent characters that have relationships and backstories, and they live in a world that is fairly consistent with the real world.  Also, the author has a lot of extra information about each character, and even many characters who have never been seen in the st

OwO I really want to know what others think so enjoy and hope to hear from you all soon ^w^


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refield Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for considering Hell worthy of adding to your collection of favorites, I greatly appreciate it.
Codeur974 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
I found your blog not a long time ago and it's amazing ! :o Especially the Younger Days comic, it describes all the cuteness and the innocence of childhood. Keep it up my friend, your work is amazing :3
dcrisisbeta Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017   Traditional Artist
OwO thanks!

OwO the Younger Days comic keeps coming and coming so expect more >w<
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Juste discovered your account, it will take me hours to read every Younger Day ! I really like the way you draw and tell this story :>
dcrisisbeta Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017   Traditional Artist
OwO; take your time... by now its a lot to read even for me xP
Soulreaper61 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
So what exactly happened to max's parents and Sam's Dad?
dcrisisbeta Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017   Traditional Artist
I don't do spoilers... =3=
feel free to guess =w=
Soulreaper61 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017
But you do intend to tell us?
Soulreaper61 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
So what exactly happened to max's parents and Sam's dad?
dcrisisbeta Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017   Traditional Artist
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