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:iconimdeadplz: Things never get easier, we just learn to cope with how hard it is to juggle what we want from what we have to (or in my case what I'm forced to do ), then things change and take turns for the worst over and over

I really hate the month of december due to the added pressures of everyone demanding me to be "happy"... I am not happy, I'm under stress and pressure and I don't like it.

For now, due to this pressure  I'll have to adapt and evolve...
This time the strips are delayed... my goal will be to finish the plot for Anne meeting Dan and Jowy (its one of the plots I've liked a lot so far) and then we'll skip to the current dates. 

NOTE! this doesn't mean "skip and forget" like last time (last time I was 3 months behind schedule and trapped inside my sulking for my dog)... it actually means I'll update to current dates and will fill the gap as I get time to do so.. I apologize for those who want the story to be linear but its the best I can offer to myself to release some of the stress away

otherwise, commissions are still on the works (I apologize too as I am too slow with limited to zero time during december) but I am working on them all... just... I'm sorry :icononionbowplz:

Soon I'll also start to show more Ghost files ( I have a lot researched, but not drawn), and I have to update Max's Alolan Adventure with what has happened so far... I hope you don't mind that little side project but I like to play slow and Max is a cute kid to show off.... 

I apologize again and again... both for being slow and for being ... low in mood during this time of the year....  sorry...

Thank you very much for your time, support and attention

=== SPANISH: ===

:iconimdeadplz: Las cosas jamás se hacen más fáciles, solo aprendemos a lidiar con lo dificil que es malabarear lo que queremos con lo que tenemos que ( o en mi caso, lo que me fuerzan a hacer), luego las cosas cambian y empeoran una y otra vez.

En serio odio el mes de Diciembre debido a las presiones agregadas de todos los que me demandan que sea "feliz"... no estoy feliz, estoy bajo estrés y presiones y no me gusta.

Por ahora, debido a esta presión tengo que ajustarme y evolucionar...

En esta ocación las tiras estan atrasadas... mi objetivo es acabar con la trama de Anne conociendo a Dan y Jowy (es una trama que me ha gustado mucho >w<) y acabando me brincaré a las fechas actuales.

NOTA! esto no significa que no compensaré tiempos como la ultima vez (esos habían sido 3 meses atrasados y atrapado en una tristeza por mi perrita)... en realidad significa que me actualizaré y publicaré las tiras con las fechas actuales y luego rellenaré las fechas atrasadas conforme me dé tiempo... Me disculpo con los que querían que la historia fuese continua de forma lineal pero es lo mejor que me puedo ofrecer para librarme de algo del estrés.

De cualquier modo, las comisiones siguen en proceso (me disculpo también por mi extrema lentitud, pero tengo limitado sino cero tiempo durante diciembre) pero sigo trabajando en todas...solo... perdón... :icononionbowplz:

Pronto iniciaré más Archivos de Fantasmas ( tengo muchos investigados, mas no dibujados), haré más actualizaciones a la aventura de Alola de Max con lo que ha pasado hasta ahora... espero que no les molesten estos proyecto laterales pero me gusta jugar muy lento el juego y Max merece ser presumido por lindo =w=+

Me disculpo una y otra vez... por ser lento y por estar... de mal humor durante esta epoca del año... perdón...

Muchas gracias por su tiempo, apoyo y atención.

If you like this work and the previous ones and you want to help me keep doing them, please check my patreon account through this link:
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I must apologize to everyone again :icononibowplz: 

This time due to positive circunstances I will go into hiatus on the strips starting today for at least a week and maybe a few days more

The situation is that I applied to a crash course called Pictoplasma Academy in Mexico, and I got in! :iconkermityayplz:

Its a character design crash course in another city so I'll be away from home (and my scanner... ) for a few days. This means  I won't be able to scan or upload strips during those days... I'd still try my best to keep doing the strips while there, but the estimated schedule will be from 11 am to 8 pm all week including the weekend

O-O I'll update what I can in both commissions and sketches while there but due to my odds of having internet being low I might not be able to upload them while out there (best case scenarios I'll be able to finish some that are already confirmed)

I'm sorry about this, but its an experience I want to live fully to learn new things and see if I can level up even more into the quality that my dream job requires.

QwQ I hope you like the new works when I get back(if I have internet I might take the chance to actually reply to comments TTwTT)
Me tengo que disculpar con todos otra vez :icononibowplz: 

Esta vez, debido a situaciones positivas entraré en hiatus con las tiras empezando el día de hoy hasta por lo menos una semana con quizá unos días más.

La situación es que apliqué para un curso rápido llamado Pictoplasma Academy en México, y pude entrar!: iconkermityayplz:

Es un curso condensado de Diseño de personaje en otra ciudad, así que estaré lejos de casa (y de mi escaner...) por algunos días. Esto significa qu eno podré escanear o subir tiras durante estos días... aún así intentaré seguir trabajando en las tiras mientras estoy allá, pero el 
Its a character design crash course in another city so I'll be away from home (and my scanner... ) for a few days. This means  I won't be able to scan or upload strips during those days... I'd still try my best to keep doing the strips while there, but the estimated schedule will be from 11 am to 8 pm all week including the weekend

O-O I'll update what I can in both commissions and sketches while there but due to my odds of having internet being low I might not be able to upload them while out there (best case scenarios I'll be able to finish some that are already confirmed)

I'm sorry about this, but its an experience I want to live fully to learn new things and see if I can level up even more into the quality that my dream job requires.

QwQ I hope you like the new works when I get back(if I have internet I might take the chance to actually reply to comments TTwTT)

If you like my works and the previous ones and you want to help me keep doing them, please check my patreon account through this link:

Younger Days  Fan Group: youngerdaysfangroup.deviantart…
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  • Reading: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson
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  • Playing: Omega Ruby (shiny eevee FTW!)
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Hi... uh... hi

I haven't posted an status or replied to anything for a while... for those who know me and worry, I apologize

I have been in a very low point right now... I'm struggling to find positive things, but I'm still fighting, so don't worry about me. This I mention as to why I haven't replied to comments again, I'll try to reply (as I like to reply to all) but I can't guarantee I'll be able to for my time online is extremely limited.

:icononionbowplz: I'm sorry for worrying any of you

On the upside, I'm also forcing myself to do better drawings on the strips and commissions... and for those I also apologize for being so slow... I saw a drawing that made me obsessed to try and catch up in level, so in a way the delay is as I practice and improve... still I'm sorry, I hate to put you on hold... be it for family or for me being dumb again.... sorry

Now for tags:

I was tagged by :iconrefield:

1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you've worked with and why.

Well, My favorite and current is Younger Days, a comic strip based in the life and point of view of the children involved in their everyday lives

2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

I prefer males (male here, bad at writting girls... but I'm trying) currently... 10 not counting adults or pets >3<
3. How do you come up with names, for characters (and for places if you're writing about fictional places)?

OwO....honestly I go with gut instinct but I try to study what would make them unique... I tend to scrap a lot of secondary characters due to lack of personality...

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

Well, to be Fair Max was my very first character, originally he was going to be 5 years old and I'd be his 16 year old older brother (not sam) and I did some attempts to make picture books with simple stories I wrote... but lets say I wasn't even close in the art department...

5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about "youngest"?

By age, youngest is Alex (Lili's little bro in the strip) as he's 3 years old, and as oldest..that's hard to say as I do have adults... I won't reveal their ages >3<

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?

O-O I say at home, with friends shooting ideas everywhere by talking/chattig >w< one never knows where the story will go without input

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?

Sometimes, I don't have a particular genre I prefer... Sam and Max were created by specific songs I love

8. What's your favourite genre to write? To read?

Slice of Life /comedy on both accounts... I try really hard to see the fun side of life, but sometimes, even if funny, life isn't...

9. How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them.

O3O my way of putting it is to talk to myself, split that personality and mold it until I get responses outside my usual train of thought, back then I read a lot of child psychology books and websites and tried to find reasons to why'd they like what they like, and then I develop into the "how would they react if" and design scenarios... but everyday strips take a lot of stamina so I usually take ideas on the spot about thins that happened to me, thing I remember or even things I find funny
10. What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts!

Weird situations =3=.... that's a hard one.. I guess the coffe incident with Max as he's 100% out of character... I've tried on several accounts to actually draw the strips with what happens but I have been unable to keep up or "simplify it"...also the fear of the dark puns with Max as his "fear" speed is rather high

11. Who is your favorite character to write? Least favorite?

My favorite are Sam and Max, I try to keep a focus on them... I doubt I have a least favorite, but by hierarchy, tho I enjoy him a lot I cosider Alex the lowest of the totem pole... for he doesn't "think" like the others, he's there just to giggle and have fun >w<
Again, its not that I don't like him, I just have a harder time thinking plots for a 3 year old >w<

12. In what story did you feel you did the best job of world building?

O3O none, everything is still building and improving.. I guess the other story I had was more "plot oriented" and I tried to build the actual city for the kids... but time constraint made me reduce it to the strip city where I don't define where is what... but I do have a map >w<

13. What's your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

O3o...uh... can't say, so far the culture is an everyday life of "modern" times (based on the last 20 years in a stand still time frame)

14. How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

OwO; can't show, but I have a map of the general area where the kids live.... and I have a rough map of the entire city <w<

15. Mid way question! Tell us about a writer you admire, whether professional or not!

humm, this one is tricky, for I don't have a particular taste ... and I suck at memory for names TwT sorry

16. Do you write romantic relationships? How do you do with those, and how "far" are you willing to go in your writing?

Well, I'm a sucker for good romance, taking time, being friendly, but since my focus is on kids, I guess I only get to maybe cuddles and that "best fried I like to be with all the time" status... for adults I can go decently far to reference intercourse but I don't like graphic stuff so I might hint it without explaining it... yeah...

17. Favorite protagonist and why!

Max as he was the first, followed quickly by Sam...

18. Favorite antagonist and why!

Bill... to the point I redeemed him a little... life doesn't have "antagonysts"

19. Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

Jowy =w= randomness for the win!

20. What are your favorite character interactions to write?

Honestly I like to try more of Lili and Max (they havent seen eachother in a while, its time they did >w<)

21. Do any of your characters have children? How well do you write them?

O3O technically kids are my main cast so uder technicality they dont, the parents tho tend to look "kinda perfect" as they're right in the age where some flaws in their personalities appear evident for the kids, but there's still a high level of admiration.... meaning I inverted the question >w<

I guess I write kids ok O3O;... I hope...

22. How long does it usually take you to complete an entire story—from planning to writing to posting (if you post your work)?

As I work on daily strips... from day to day... sometimes if a "plot" can be extended I try to plan it ahead in number of strips and what the focus will be... if I'm lucky I can get weeks ahead of schedule in sketching... a strip from zero data to inks and scan takes roughly 2 hours because I draw fast... a complicated drawing can take 3 to 4 hours XP

23. How willing are you to kill your characters if the plot so demands it? What's the most interesting way you've killed someone?

...I'll refrain from answering this particular question... I try slice of life, death can happen, but I'd like to avoid the subject if possible...

24. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.

Mark has Buddy, an Akita Inu who is always derpy and happy >w<
Sam and Max get Lola and Pericles, based on my dogs and their personalities, expect more of them
I haven't defined/showed more but Bill has an alley where cats and dogs gather >w<

25. Let's talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him!

Yup, I like to draw, and I draw them often... I guess my favorite is the first "complicated" one that started with the strips
At the Ice Cream shop by dcrisisbeta

26. Along similar lines, do appearances play a big role in your stories? Tell us about them, or if not, how you go about designing your characters.

Well, kinda... they have to look cute =w=, cute triggers an emotional response and empathy

27. Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them, and if there's nothing major to speak of, tell us a few smaller ones.

O3O I haven't as I wouldn't know how to... and disabilities is something that I consider relative as even those "disabilities " can trigger potential that "non disabled" characters can't do...

I play with Emotion

28. Final question! Tag someone! And tell us what you like about that person as a writer and/or about one of his/her characters!

Tags are for later but I have my eyes set on :iconpoetman95: and :icondiapersoakr69: (because you asked for it >w<)  I'd have liked to tag refield again but that would be cheating >w<

have a nice day
I will try to have one...

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OwO; Well, it seems people want info from me so ... DOUBLE TAG TIME!

O3O I don't have many news to consider, maybe visits. LEts get to it!

============================TAG 1==============

Tagged by :iconkiichikuroneko:

1. post these rules
2. post 8 facts about your character
3. tag 8 other characters

Oc: MAX Slipping by dcrisisbeta

1. Max is a 9 Year old boy with Black hair and Violet eyes, he is also very pale in skin color

2. He's embarrassed about his eye color, bring it up and he'll get upset... maybe not much but its noticeable he hides his eyes a bit with his hair

3. Max has a rather large burn scar on his back and a little scar on his forehead due to a couple of events in his past

4. Despite being school smart (straight A student <cough>), he still believes in magic and fairy tales and can be extremely naive... to the point he doesn't know where meat comes from, just that its tasty...

5. Max likes reading books! he prefers paper ones mostly because they don't reflect his eye color back to him and, in the early mornings, their light hurts his eyes

6. Max tries very hard to be nice to others, but he does have a bad mood if you say the wrong things.

7. Max is very tiny in height (1.16mt/45inch tall) and has a height complex... Mom adjusted areas of the house so he feels more independent, despite needing help in some areas

8. Max helps Sam with her homework sometimes... but won't shy away of asking mom for help on subjects he still doesn't know

Humm... I might not have 8 characters to tag =3=;;

Might be helpful to develop character traits so I tag:
:icondohapainter: 's OC Cody
:iconbatnats: 's OC ...Natsu! (I rolled a die)
:iconneloku:'s Oc Takka! I wanna know a bit more about him, if you want/can do it
:iconaki5:'s OC  Shugo =w=
:icontacochild:'s Joshua - OwO pon 8 cosas sobre tu personaje, tu decides que poner

Humm... I'd add more but I'm really bad at names =3=

==============================TAG 2 =============

Tagged by :iconrefield:

1. You have to post ALL the rules

2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves (Too lazy)

2.1. O3O I like my privacy
2.2. I have a job ( I hate it) that eats 3/4ths of my day so my drawing/strips time is very limited
2.3. =w=; Lives with parents
2.4. Is shy, but while shy he looks angry and repells people
2.5. Love all animals but insects...
2.6. Is arachnophobic... fear level "Statue", I don't scream and run but I stop on my tracks the instant I detect one
2.7. Likes strong flavors
2.8. I like silence and value it a lot...
2.9. Has a lot of lung capacity, be it for yelling (rare) or swimming
2.10 Likes strong horror... will laugh at bad horror
2.11 watches youtube... and can watch the same video 10 times before getting bored
2.12 Manly man likes cute and fluffy stuff...
2.13 Gets a flu every season change because reasons...

3. Answer 13 questions asked to you, and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer (Sure)

:iconrefield:'s questions

3.1.1.  Jedi or Sith?
O3o... Gray Jedi =3=

3.1.2.  Da Vinci or Michelangelo?
=3= I like both

3.1.3.  Pirates or ninjas?
Ninja! O7O

3.1.4.  Batman or Batman?
O-O Batman-Bruce... Batman-Dick was redundant =3=... tho Batman-Thomas was interesting too

3.1.5.  Will there ever be a good Superman film?
O3O I doubt it as he's supposed to be a perfect being standard... no such thing as perfection =3=

3.1.6.  Isn't chocolate the best?
*Me rolls downhill due to chocolate munchies*

3.1.7.  Would you buy me a drink?
O3O probably... but international fee's are very expensive and it might not arrive before going bad...

3.1.8.  On a scale of amazing to the best thing ever, how do you rate The Lord of The Rings?
O3O Lord of the Rings, Amazing

3.1.9.  Do Peter Jackson's film adaptations even make it onto that scale?
O-O not recently.. but he has tried

3.1.10  Can we pretend that The Hobbit adaptation doesn't exist please?
No. =3=

3.1.11  Recommended reading?
O3O for a quick read full of cute... Chi's sweet home

3.1.12  Is my work terrible or passable?
=3= from meh to horrible... really?... how about awesome? =3=

3.1.13  Did you know you're great?
O^O Am not, I keep failing to do my things by being pushed around

My questions

3.2.1.  What's your favorite color?
3.2.2.  Do you believe in the supernatural?
3.2.3.  What is your favorite movie... from this year so far?
3.2.4.  Favorite animal specie?
3.2.5.  Have you traveled?
3.2.6.  are you sleepy?
3.2.7.  Coffee or Tea?
3.2.8.  What is your favorite cartoon (if "too old" for cartoons, I ask from your youth)?
3.2.9.  what do you do to relax?
3.2.10  What's your favorite food? (I'm personally very hungry atm...TTwTT)
3.2.11  Did that door open on its own just now?
3.2.12  Do you have a Chairdrobe?
3.2.13  what is a Chairdrobe?

4. Choose 13 people (=3=... maybe random ones from comments but 13 is a no)


Despite the rules, don't feel forced to do anything you don't want to =3=

5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people (...really?)

6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags (=3= you're annoying with this rule)

7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED (... what's the point, no one will do this thing twice!)

8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the Journal Entry (=3=... I did journal for I had double tags, otherwise I wouldn't have done it)

9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever le creator asks (=3= ... *crisis loads shotgun* )

10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description ( *crisis shoot dumb rules with shotgun*)


=3= don't expect me to reply to many of these tags, I'll do it if I have time and feel like having a bit of time to waste XD


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I'm part of the Younger Days Fan group and I am checking for the journals if you're interested in sharing ideas for what plots you want to see happen in the strip so please give it a look and share your ideas, who knows, I might add them to the strips

Younger Days  Fan Group: youngerdaysfangroup.deviantart…

And a reminder that I usually dont' reply to comments in Journals... and I'm slow to reply on strip comments so please don't think I don't reply... I'm just slow as hell TTwTT

Have a nice day!
and see you soon! TTwTT
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Hello everybody!

Well, I FINALLY finished 2015 strips

For my readers of the stip Younger Days... I apologize for my awful delay of delays that I've been trapped in, I swear it hasn't been intentional :icononibowplz:

I have tried to keep up with a daily comic strip but the last part of last year saw some really, REALLY bad times for me and the pressure has not been lowering enough for me to catch up to the lost time... I've tried but catching up to 2 strips a day is very taxing and it eats time that I usually don't have, plus family pressure doesn't give me that much freedom on its own.

So, because of this, I think I'd better cut my losses and "start" this year from the current dates and cut off January and February. This doesn't mean a waiting time as I'd be doing today the strip for tomorrow as per I usally do, the dates would just be caught up and the plot would adress the current month and continue from here onwards.

Pleas understand that convincing myself to do this was hard because I had made a promise to myself to never skip a date... but Life had other plans and I've tried hard to catch up...

I would make the promise again and stuff.. but I believe its better to try again after this loss without making any. I'll still try not to jump a date, and if delayed compensate the time immediately or as soon as possible

So again. I'm sorry :icononibowplz:

Other news... uh....uuhm.... nop :iconkermityayplz: YAAAAAAAY!

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I have to mention the Younger Days  Fan Group: youngerdaysfangroup.deviantart…

I'm part of the group and I am checking for the journals if you're interested in sharing ideas for what plots you want to see happen in the strip so please give it a look and share your ideas, who knows, I might add them to the strips

Have a nice day!
and see you tomorrow TTwTT
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Updating the journal is a must when I'm having troubles updating the strips... 
I don't know whats wrong, the scanner I've been using decided to fail me miserably today... I do have 3 strips done already and I'm still working on the completion of the camera plot...  

About Gifts... I did a few sketches for a few friends for their birthdays and suddenly more and more  people expect me to do more gift sketches and telling me their birthdays and sometimes what they want. Sorry but this is not how it works... only my really close friends MAY get a sketch from me if I have time and a good idea, but I also have commissions and strips to do so it might not be a frequent thing for me to gift stuff. If you throw the idea at me that's ok, but don't neccessarily expect an immediate response or a guaranteed gift... life can kick hard and I can't always draw nor strips, nor commissions, so gifts are included in the "not always" part...

Other than that... we thought the audit was done for.. its not, its coming back and it wont stop... so I still have lots to do at work.
I'm almost 100% back to health but in mexico the weather shifts a lot so I still have a cough...

Steven universe is awesome and I still want the new episodes TTwTT
Gravity Falls is coming... when?, I have no idea but its coming TTwTT

I apologize (yet again) for having a tight schedule, I'll deliver strips and commissions soon, I'm still working on them (just that work and famiy do eat a lot of my time)

O3O I'm sorry for the random wild journal, but I can't scan and I don't know when I'll be able to TT^TT

Other than that... things are starting to move smoothly...

If you like my previous works and you want to help me keep doing them, please check my patreon account through this link:

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I've been.. away for a while... away while at home is a weird way to put it but I'm going with it

Things didn't go as planned and happy moments came with sad ones...

My dog isn't back... I went for it for three weeks.. but the family didn't come... and vacations started so my chances of finding her have been on the downside... parents say I should prepare myself in case she's not coming back... so yeah...

I had a micro surgery thing... a small procedure that lasted 30 mins... I had a growth coming out from my lip and had to remove it at the dentist office... my mouth hurts now  but it will heal soon as the procedure was basically flawless ^^

I went to see Star Wars, it was good if not amazing... I reccomend not reading comments for people who like to spoil stuff because they "can" =3=. 

Strips... well, since it hasn't been exactly the best of times I haven't done much about it, I've been sketching a lot and working on commissions as fast as I can... but strips... I'll start publishing them as I make them again... sorry for the delay... I'm rested, and feeling better as time comes... so all I can say  is... soon... sorry

Have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy new year!
Happy Holidays!

If you like my previous works and you want to help me keep doing them, please check my patreon account through this link:

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well...things haven't gone as planned for a bit longer than expected... 

positives... My sister's dog is healthy again, the audit passed with minor corrections...and my sister is coming home...
This last bit is a bitter-sweet thing as I've got to go back to my parents place... and I don't want to... but I actually want to reach my own bed instead of my sisters..

negatives... my dog is still lost...The lady that found her gave her away to another family upon dialing the plaque number and not being able to reach us ( we had changed phone numbers since the extorsion call a few months ago and we never updated the plaque). Supposedly the family goes every sunday but this sunday I waited since the early morning until nightfall... 

I haven't given up, its not like I know this people and that they would come every sunday without fail as if it was some sort of schedule... for now I "blame" their absentee behaviour to the FIL (International Book Fair in mexico) as this sunday was the last day and usually fairs throw discounts to sell books quickly ...and lets face it, nearing christmas causes the discounts to be tempting.

I'm packing my stuff for my return home and I dream about my bed being the cozy thing I remember (TTwTT even if one gets used to the 2nd bed, the 1st is allways better TTwTT )

For now, I'm trying hard to keep up and deliver commissions... =w=; I'm a bit slower than usual for I am worried about stuff... and cleaning a house with two large dogs is not an easy task xD

sorry to keep the strips on hold but I really need to setle before I can draw them again. As always, stay awesome and I'll be back 100% soon xP

in the meantime, If you like all my previous works and you want to help me keep doing them, please check my patreon account through this link:
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Hi! :iconsayhiplz:

:iconsweatdropplz: I guess if I did the bad update I should do the good update too...
Well, first and foremost I apologize for staying silent (and without strips or updates) for so long.. I hope you understand it was kind of a "hell week" for me, but things have happened to compensate...

First, to prepare for the audit I had to update all the paperwork at my area... and I didn't know it was a year and a half worth of paperwork no one before me updated so I worked the weekend on it and only it, hence why I couldn't update sketches or commissions.... again... audit is going on at work, but my area was audited first and apparently I didn't get in trouble... so that's a success of its own :icononionfailplz: ... I still don't know how I did... if I did right or wrong, that will come tomorrow (the audit lasts 3 days apparently)

Second... My sister's dog had an indigestion apparently... turns out that she puked so many times due to feeling the burn in the belly and deciding to drink water to compensate it, problem was that she kept drinking and feeling the burn so she drank till she puked and then drank again... The vet gave me medicine and after treatment she is eating normally again... she even stole a raw chicken breast from the counter mom was about to cook without us letting her... :iconrelievedplz:

After a week of not knowing nothing about my lost dog, posting fliers and going to the parks she usually goes to whistle for her (I whistle horribly and she recognizes it so one can only hope).  We got our first clue yesterday monday November the 30th. She seems to have walked to the 5th park in a whole another direction where she was picked up by a nice old lady that fed her and kept her for a while... yet since she was old she gave the dog away to a family that played with her (had a dog and two kids of their own) and she is a loveable dog who loves to play and is very sociable... we're told the family comes every sunday to the same park so I'll camp there this sunday to see if I find her

for now its just a clue, we don't know if she shifted hands again during the week or anything... but soon we'll know... for now I'm happy to know she's been taken care of while lost and nothing bad seems to have happened so far :iconhappytearsplz:

The strips... despite the time where I couldn't write a thing due to the week being so tense and full of things going on I began writting strips again... so expect the end of the hiatus soon... Commissions too, I want to try and clear them all up by the end of the year because enough being slow is enough even for me =3=

That's it for now, talk to ya all soon!
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Hello... welcome to the worst week of my life so far...

Childish, I know... but let me relate what has been going on in my life and why no new strips have been coming out...  Humor me, the asshat that got into hiatus without prior warning...

First and foremost... my job. I work with my dad, that much is known.... I hate my job which is also known, I haven't been... "playing it cool" to be precise. The reason I hate it is that I never prepared or wanted the post I am in atm, I was put to fill up the spot while a proper replacement came along.. but dad decided (for any reason) that I should stay in the post (despite my countless fuck ups and losses over wins percentages) and has both told me how much he needs me to be there to help him and has threatened me to get me fired quite a few times already.

Well... for starters there's an audit going on. So I have a lot to do to catch up (paperwork wise) before the audit that comes NEXT WEEK, meaning of course that I need to work overtime or even weekends to catch up before the audit.  The audit is like an exam to the company, they revise every post is within parameters to allow the company to keep having international buy-sell-trade busyness. So basically if I fuck this up there's a high chance of the company loosing this and probably going bankrupt or something...

I know its not enough to be labeled "the worst week" but I'm not done...

for a while now my sister went overseas. This means I have to go live at her home to take care of her dogs while leaving my dogs in my parents care. This sounds like a sweet deal... living on my own tryouts and all that apparently. I rule my cleaning, washing and working times (strips) at home. Two days ago my parents went grocery shopping and left the door open while going out... one of my dogs ran away and is still lost with unknown whereabouts... they left to go shopping around noon and got back around 4 p.m. We've been searching, posting fliers and asking at the local parks but still no news... This leaves me heartbroken as I loved my dog (my sister's are... not my favorite but lovely as well)

...I consider hope a cruel thing... since we believe that my dog ran away to search for me I have been crying a lot whenever I expect her to be there and she is not... with the crying done at nights in private I think I can still do stuff...

Well, My sister's dog got sick... the same day my little dog got lost, my sister's dog got an indigestion or something and started pucking everywhere in the house. Apparently the indigestion causes the animal to think drinking lots of water will help until it drinks too much and pukes it all out and goes to drink again... this at 3 a.m. monday morning. I got to ask for time to take them to the vet and pick them up later the same monday night. sister's dog is already on medicine to help against her pucking, they expect me to keep a close eye to her food and water intake (despite me leaving the house for work at 7 am and getting home at 7 pm) and to administer the medication every day or every 12 hours accordingly.

I feel like shit. disgusted with my life and hating every second of it. and the week has just started.... even now that I take antidepressants I am tired and sad and angry all the time... which most of you might guess its not a nice time to draw

I don't care if I'm childish, selfish or whatever, I need to let it out... even if by text.

Thank you for your patience and I hope to be back soon... but do expect dark art if I even manage to get time to draw it...

For now...
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Hello Everyone!

OwO, It's been a while since I updated a journal now so I guess stuff needs to be said.

Things... are not easy right now, but we're on the upside of the curve. I know I've said this before but commissions will be dealt with swiftly when possible and it just hasn't been possible to be constant, but soon

As pressures rise from work, home and even strips I tend to "choke" on it until things calm down. My sister just left for a long work trip so I get to watch over her house and dogs on my own, besides taking care of the house and dogs I get more "free" time for myself... last time I stayed there I caught up to dates with strips within a week O7O

Comments will be dealt with in a different way... As many of you might have noticed I stopped replying to comments for over a month... first it was depression (it hits me constantly and annoyingl hard, but now I started a medication to help against it), then it was doubt of where to start from... now its just plain embarrassment XP

I currently have over 5000 messages pending reply... from those a good chunk are just comments that I haven't replied to (150+ stashes of comments)

OwO; so in order to start replying againI will start replying from the newest comments (the day's before the current strip) and work my way back =w=; so sorry I took so long TT7TT

Aditional information includes I love the fanart my strip is getting O7Q I really coulnd't have guessed people would actually like my strips so much as to draw the characters! So I'll post some of the amazing works people have been posting referencing my characters as a thank you and for people to notice that you are awesome >w<

OwO; I don't have all the works available at this time, but give me time to gather more and I'll show them all in updates!

O7O for now, here are the first few at hand:

:iconlobatabojorquez: - One of my very best friends who I don't see so often as I would like did this amazing work of Sam and Max during summer
Sam y Max by LobataBojorquez

:iconklonoa1293: - Did a little story of how Sam would meet his OC Steven who is a serious Max lookalike, yet fun happy-go-lucky kid, its really well written and its close in design to the strips so its easygoing, I hope you like it
Sam Meets StevenA ten year old redheaded tomboy named Sam walks into the playground to play. She has green eyes and orange reddish hair. She’s wearing a blue shirt, light gray pants and white shoes. Sam is an outgoing ten year old who's easily mistaken for a boy due to her short hair and tomboyish attitude.
Sam looks around, not seeing anyone here but her. This is unusual, normally her friends would be around but today, nobody is around. Sam looks closely, spotting a boy sitting on a swing, someone she recognizes. She laughs happily and runs over to him. “Max, you’re here!” She takes a closer look at him and finds the boy dressed in a green shirt and a diaper, his feet bare. “I was starting to think I was the only one here.” Sam grins as she sees his attire. “Max, I thought you only wear those to bed, pretty brave of you to show them off outside.”
The boy on the swing laughs, looking up at Sam. “Max? My name's Steven.” He giggles.
Sam gasps i

:icontrail-er: - A great person I'm proud to call a friend, he has (tried... I'm slow to pickup) helped me fix the strips pointing out grammar problems I have done and even helped me to talk with some people in the newspaper comic community. He's very knowledgeable and helpful as ever he has done character bios, the review of the strip and even a little edit to a song due to Max's "little angel" shirt, check it out:
Review of Younger Days Comic"Younger Days" is a fairly new daily comic strip.  Its cast of characters are essentially all children, much in the style of Peanuts and Wee Pals—adults are present, but never seen except as outlines.  The central characters are Sam (age 10) and Max (age 9) who are cousins who live in the same house.  In the rough and tumble of their interaction we see contrasts: Sam is bigger, fairly easy-going, and protective of Max; often teasing him about things not allowed by anyone outside the family.  Max is more diligent, but also imaginative.  He is small for his age, which leads to some funny, if embarrassing events, but he actually quite strong when provoked.  
They have 3 friends: Lili, who is friendly and understanding; Jowy, a smaller boy in glasses who is smart, perceptive, and naïve; and Dan, who wears a dark hoody, whose face is never seen.  He is a reasonably good friend to Max, Lili, and Jowy, but he is always antagonizing Sam, sometimes
Younger Days cast of characters-2-p1 by Trail-er Younger Days cast of characters-2-p2 by Trail-er Little Angel, Little CousinYour costumes, your balloons, and your many books
Your sense of wonder and your innocent looks
I see you now in the kitchen
Standing on a stepstool
Fixing yourself a sandwich
Which I’ll take away
Little angel little cousin
Your fear of bikes and your fear of the dark
Your super-strength and your getting lost
I see you in a hospital bed
Unconscious with an eye patch
Later teaching little Alex
To count to ten
Little angel little cousin
Little angel little cousin
Your passion for pretending and your nightmares
Your frequent blushing and your water balloons
I see you sleeping in the car
Curled up on the back seat
As we ride a long way
And then I fall asleep
Little angel little cousin
Your costumes, your balloons, and  your many books
Your sense of wonder and your innocent looks
I see you now in the kitchen
Standing on a stepstool
Fixing yourself a sandwich
Which I’ll take away
Little angel little cousin
Little angel little cousin of mine

:iconpoetman95: - A poet by heart, he did a couple of poems focused on Sam and Max, I really enjoy his stories and poems though I'm a slow reader TT7TT. Never the less he likes to analize the strip in comments which is always helpful to bring ideas to the table.
Dreams of the Brash (A Younger Days Tribute)Dreams of the Brash (A Younger Days Tribute)
You are the lightning that fears the thunder.
You are both brilliant and dim.
Arrive in a flash with the force of the storm.
To do nothing is to not care, so quick you are
With forked tongue and blazing hands.
Yet, you are anomaly.
You fear the thunder, the reverbation, the quake,
The roar after the sword has come down.
To have heard the voice of the storm
Is to have lived through it's fury.
Tell me, why do your fear your fears?
Is it the clarity that scares you?
The shapes thrown in stark relief after each strike?
The brightest flash reveals the deepest shadows
Lurking behind those near you.
Do you fear when the thunder settles?
The quiet of the after-storm?
That you can no longer act, your purpose is gone.
You will be left alone,
Once the fires you started have settled.
Are you afraid of your own actions?
You are fulmination, charged harbinger, quick-striker.
So prepared to move, so eager, so easy to forget,
Who else may be burned when you
Dreams of the Meek (A Younger Days Tribute)Dreams of the Meek (A Younger Days Tribute)
The Child is too small to cast such a large shadow,
His back not strong enough to bear the burden
Of the terrible things he carries into sleep.
With each night, he tries to build himself back up,
Crafting each piece with painstaking care
And filling the gaps with what's left.
He builds himself wrong.
It has too many eyes, or not enough.
It doesn't cast a shadow, but consumes it.
When it's mouth moves, it sings a song of contempt
In words that have no meaning,
Pouring out like smoke-water.
The Child feels compelled to sing with the shadow
And the words stick to his throat like ash.
He coughs up embers that were left inside
When the scar splashed across his back.
He remembers the song,
How he forced himself to forget it.
And still the shadow sings.
Composed of broken-glass notes,
It hangs in the air, running razor edges down familiar ties.
The notes cut deep the bonds of sister and brother,
Mother and son,
Living and dead,
Tracing the lies he t

:iconrefield: - Close friend who is always willing to help others, he has written poetry, texts and even a little spinoff you might enjoy as much as I did:
Younger Days or Fernando's PoemA shining light,
Showing the triumphs and trials,
Of childhood day and night,
In the end brings us smiles.
Teddy's LogDay one:
In the early morning our captain announced his intention to form an away party to explore a newly discovered system he called "Space Park Omega."  I sat among my fellows upon his sleeping bay as he paced back and forth explaining. "Men, and Joe," poor Joe, always reminded of his age, "System scans have revealed an unexplored quadrant, and I wanna explore it.  But, there's gonna be giants, and dragons, and g-girls there.  So, I'm gonna need a team.  Any volunteers?"  We stayed still, some of us frozen by fear, which I admit touched me as well, especially at the mention of girls, but most of us with excitement.  I thought of raising my paw, but I did not want to appear too eager, or else outshine the others.  No, I was not the only one there worthy of going out.  "Nobody?"  I could not resist any longer, in my zeal, I leapt from the sleeping bay, and face planted on the floor comfort fibers.  "Commander Teddy!  Good man!

:icontotocroft: - He has a really interesting visual style and recently did this little fanart of Max which I enjoyed a lot, be sure to check him out:
Younger Days - Max - TRJ by totocroft

:iconaki5: - Another close friend who is really talented in storytelling and cute works, he's making a videogame and tries to keep up so make sure you notice him!
[Sketch] Knight Gear! by aki5

:icontacochild: - Though relatively new to deviant he's really sure of what he wants to draw, I like his potential style so be sure to watch him grow as an artist, he did a little fanart that I really liked for how cute they look, but he has troubles with english so be patient XD
Max y joshua se conocen :) by TacoChild

:iconlord-lavrahtheen: - A cool artist full of imagination, he did this little trade with me:
Almost got it by Lord-Lavrahtheen

:icongohannieto: - Really dedicated to learn and improve himself, he did a few sketches in favor of the characters and events at the time
sam vs bulling by gohannieto MAX BOXEADOR/ MAX BOXER by gohannieto max y sam/max and sam by gohannieto

:iconneloku: - A close friend that I don't see very often who has a very busy schedule, he did this amazing full cast drawing, ENJOY!
Birthday Gift: dcrisisbeta by Neloku

:iconcaimanr: - Though currently inactive he did this little sketch as a gift from 2 halloweens ago...or was it 3?
[Gif] Max in Sam's costume by CaimanR

:iconmentalcrash: - An awesome artist and one of the few traders I've accepted did this amazing work!, it was so cool I had to add the set in the strips =w=+, lets see who knows what strip it was O7O
Art Trade - Max by MentalCrash

:iconbatnats: - Still learning and growing quite quickly, Natsu can do a lot more than what he thinks he can =w=+ make sure to see him grow!
Playing with Sai part 4, Re-drawing Max!~ by BatNats Playing with Sai part 9, Bill!~ [Updated] by BatNats

:icontetsuwantomfan: did this cute sketch of Max wearing a kitty hoodie... one day I might have to add it to the character wardrobe XD
Max by Tetsuwantomfan

As I said, you're all awesome so make sure to stay awesome XD
Special mention to my little bro, he knows he's awesome too! >w< 

Finally, If you like all my previous works and you want to help me keep doing them, please check my patreon account through this link:

Lets hope things go the right way from now on so we get up to dates with EVERYTHING!
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O7O; Hi hi!

Thank you for anonymus commissioner to step up and remind me who is who XD

OwO for now the list has been updated

TTwTT I'm sorry for being so slow to deliver most commisions, I'm trying hard to step up my game and be faster without loosing detail

OwO; I hope you understand...

=7=; the strip is almost caught up... almost!
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Howdy, Hello, Holi hola, Hi!

:iconsobcryplz: I'M SO  SORRY!!!!!!

O7Q while reviewing my notes for all the commissions I realized a note that involved all the commissioners usernames was erased and now I have a little problem

I do remember what every person commissioned me... all but 2... both Anonymus commissioners were lost O7O; so I can't remember what you asked for...

TTwTT I have a faint idea of what it was asked by both commissioners, but I need you to send me the notes with what you asked

:icononionbowplz: I'm deeply sorry for asking

TTwTT I hope you forgive me and that you'll be found/remembered soon

Other than that, I'll keep working on the commissions I do remember and I'll update everyone's soon

:iconblushingmadplz: sorry again TTwTT

If you like My works and all the previous ones and you want to help me keep doing them, please check my patreon account through this link:
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I'll do it just because I feel like doing it... I haven't been depressed since this weekend so there's no point in keeping the old journal  O7O

    How long have you been on DeviantArt?
O3O 8 years according to deviant...

    What does your username mean?
That's for me to know and you to find out OwO; I only tell some of my closest friends and they laugh XD

    Describe yourself in three words.
Friendly but depressive

    Are you left or right handed?
Left handed  FTW!

    What was your first deviation?
O7O  an extremely random comic strip I did with a friend between classes dcrisisbeta-shiroi numair P-1 by dcrisisbeta

    What is your favourite type of art to create?
Cartoon-comic... with a hint of manga

    If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
O3O probably Imaginysm's ot Reevolver's for the pixar-esque status... so many more in the list its impossible... I love almost everyone in deviant art... so many that do works amasingly better than me... I want them all XP

    What was your first favourite?
T-shirt Design - I Love Aliens by Rimfrost Rimfrost's Alien was cute cute CUTE

... I want one... even if it stabs me the moment I see it XD

    What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
O3O that's a tough one... I'd say anything cute-innoccent or very... unnerving...
Mostly things I think I can learn from

    Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
That is a very delicate thing to ask... it changes depending on the tastes atm... right now I like  I found Zombiesmile as she's really cool and very detailed

    If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
O3O well, I've met just a few... I'd probably say a list of 10-20 deviants, starting with my buddy OwO

    How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Reevolver taught a course on Pixar character design I liked quite a lot and helped me to think before I art and how to respect other people's designs, the group he opened where I lived helped me get the confidence to show the comic strip I had been doing for myself... My buddy taught me to interact with more people and get more friends... Pokimono was my first group... I learned to rp a bit and have fun arting for something else until people got mad at me...

    What are your preferred tools to create art?
Mainly pen and paper... but my favorite type of work is watercolor... and the tablet with Sai is also really good OwO

    What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
O-O hum... my house I'd say... but the truth is the outside world...

    What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Well... Pokimono was my first true interaction with a group so I'm very fond of the firends I made there... they helped me at first to play and have fun and then to work with that fun... I still am sad that I could not draw as fast as some of them do

Congratulations Deviantart for 15 years OwO
And I hope to talk to you all soon ^w^
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Don't you hate a depressive mindset that can't be avoided?

I have such mindset.
Its awful. No matter the situation, if you're happy and only good things happen for a while...
There's this tiny little voice in the back of the head that repeats the same lines over and over...
"what for?...why not give up?"

Interests start to fade as this voice keeps nagging that question. 
Am I wasting my life?
What I like is wrong somehow?
Am I going somewhere with who I am?

I'd lie if I said I never thought of giving up. Its easy... maybe even fast... tempting...
Family makes sure to add pressure because they believe a busy bee is a happy bee... 
"one rests when one dies" is one of the mottos my family believes...

I'm tired of working in a place I don't like doing stuff I hate.

Being "antisocial" while being glued to a telephone talking to people while pretending you're happy and that everything is allright with the world is so tiresome...
when I arrive at home and if I dare say I'm tired, I'm asked "why? you were only sitting all day on the computer or the phone... why would you be tired?"

I have friends, yes... all online.. one in real life...
That's it... no more or less... and we can barely meet due to our work schedules not being open...

I feel alone.
People comment online and cheer me up for a bit... I do happy comic strips trying to cheer up... think happy thoughts...
but I always return here...
A black hole in my chest sucking every emotion.
I'm told I should do what I love. Paint.

With what time?...
I'm at work, then on the bus, then home...
At home I'm a servant 75% of the time... "go to the store", "cook today for I'm tired", "give yourself time to cook dinner, wash the dishes and clean the house" 
I decide to work on my things and I'm usually selfish and unable to be talked to
I'm upset.
I'm angry.
I'm weak.

I have to vent stuff here for I feel I'm not heard otherwise.
Arguing with parents, talking with parents, discussing with parents... never fixes anything, somehow its my fault all the time, the issue is my mindset and my "choices", because I choose to feel like this... I give up. My problems are not problems, others always have it worse... who cares on how I feel.
I'm the joke... the "bad guy"... the child... the accident...

I want to move out... but when I think about what I'll do there
Will I make it?
will I be a burden?
will I be not what they expect?
...will they hate me after knowing real life me?

I'm tired.. sleepy... 

I want a day off... no job, no chores, no family, no strips, no art, no sound... just a day off...
but that's a wish... something that won't come...
"Job needs [me] more than ever" is what I'm told
"Don't ask for days off work if not neccessary, don't be lazy"

...and the voice in my head insists... 

A shadow in my mind by dcrisisbeta

Sorry if in any way I bother you with this pictures or my rants,
I learned to add the images recently and I like the feature...

I'm sorry I'm sad and throwing this out again...
I just needed to clear my mind of this thoughts

Thanks for reading if you did
I hope you don't feel the same anytime soon

Adding a few good news... My scanner works again as you can see by the comic strips...
I decided to give myself time to catch up properly... double strips on weekends and single strips during the week days

I updated the commission rules of what I don't do so please read carefully before asking for stuff

Thank you for your time.
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Nothing bad happening at the moment for me to rant about as usual, so don't worry about no strips for today (and probably tomorrow) xD

I do have some technical difficulties at the moment, don't worry, hopefully I'll get my scanner back in a couple of days. The strips don't really stop in the meantime... I'll take the time to catch up to the current dates =7=;

Other than that, things are quieting down from past mistakes, I'm learning new things and I'm inmersed in commissions and strips
I'll admit to my small depressive state roaming around as a lurking shadow, but for now I'm only watching happy things to keep me cheered up.

O3O Recent commissions though have brought up a problem subject for me so I might add a few new rules to the commision list of things that I won't do. Sorry in advance if anyone felt I was going to comply to certain things that I wont.
Technical Dificulties by dcrisisbeta

Have a nice day/week!
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Well I'm a moron.

Sounds funny, but the thing that happenned this last friday proves how much of a moron I am.
Tings fell into place for an extorsion call...
I isolated myself and didn't grew wise to what was happening until I had been away from family about half an hour...

meanwhile extorsion callers called home saying they had me kidnapped and stuff.

Long story short, no kidnapped, no money lost to this cheap assholes who claimed to be cartel stuff
Heavily scolded,
and family is angry...
We changed phone numbers and all that...
I'll never trust a phonecall again.

Everyone is angry at me and thinks I should "grow up", that I'm naive and stupid... that I shouldn't fall for this things when heard that family is threatened.  Mother wants me to report what I do hour to hour, minute to minute and to do everything they ask for as I need a lesson in "humility"... in her words "and If you have time, then you do strips"

I was worried something was going to happen to my family, so I obeyed... 
Forgot this world is horrible, this country, this humanity...
I hate myself more than ever...

They worried, bad... they dropped everything to see if I was allright... 
We acted as if nothing was happening for we had visits
but shit happens

Comic strips were reduced in quality and production as you might have noticed... 
shit happens, one after the other...
it hurts
it always hurts

what can I do to make it stop? ...can't run away from this
...sorry for ranting but I need a letout on how I feel and family won't listen
after all I'm the moron that could've caused my dad to have a heart attack...

One always wishes for things to have gone differently...
I'm sorry for everything

Thank you for your time reading this
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  • Reading: GamerCat comics =w=
  • Watching: random vids/series...anything happy
  • Playing: Pokémon ΩRuby (finally started)
  • Eating: Healthy foods for diet TT^TT (I'm soo fat)
  • Drinking: Giant Cup of Coffee!!!!!
...I've been a bit... off schedule for a while now. :iconawkward2plz:

Trying hard to push through this block and writing jokes with my kids became harder... almost as if I was lying to myself about being happy when that's not te case so far.  Things hit me harder than expected... probably for I was emotionally unstable and quite tired so far... But forcing my way through the block I have good news!

A new batch of comic strip jokes made its way into my pen so new strips following the hiatus and a few more plots flow will come now.... I guarantee it will be a funny-serious thing instead of sad-serious... even I need the cheerup.

The strips might have a small drop in quality (specially to the clothes) to speed up the deliveries... probably 2 a day the moment I break the block to try and catch up properly...

A few projects are coming besides commissions that I hope you'll enjoy, but commissions WON'T be delayed (more than they already have :icondepressedonionplz:... sorry TT^TT I swear I'm catching up! )

Well... news wise that's preety much it... I still have a job to attend to, I still get home to a lot of things to be done...
Storm/Hurricane season started in my area so I might have some blackouts here and there meaning sometimes I might be offline without it meaning I'm depressed or hiding...

TT^TT sorry in advance for any delay, the block won't last long!
:iconharveydentplz: THE DAWN IS COMING!

And If you like works and comic strips and you want to help me keep doing them, please check my patreon account through this link and donate, every penny will be used in aquiring better materials and convince my parents the strips are not a "waste of time":
  • Drinking: Water
I just learned my grandma on my dad's side passed today...

sorry... I might not be able to update for a while.
sorry for commissions
sorry for strips

I don't know what to do or say... sorry
  • Eating: Fruit, fruit, fruit!
  • Drinking: Water
Sorry I dissapeared without a word...

In just a few words my last week was extremely tiresome and I was preety much dead... 
Resting is not much of an option in my mind but the body shut down ideas and I couldn't draw.

But I'm returning today with the next strips and commissions.

=w= still I need my coffee, I really need it ... so sleepy...